Parkers Chapel School District is a public school district that is near the city of El Dorado, Arkansas.  Our student population is around 800 students in grades kindergarten through grade 12.  We also offer an ABC Preschool program as well as a paid preschool program.  Our school has served the families in the district since 1926.  We have a tradition of providing a high quality education for all students.  Our test scores have consistently been the best in Union County and the surrounding area.  This year we adopted a reading program in grades kindergarten through grade five that is recommended as the best to meet the science of reading standards.  We have employed interventionists in elementary literacy and math to combat the loss of learning in these areas due to time missed last year because of the virus.  We have also employed interventionists in the math, literacy and science programs in the high school.

          Our goal is to provide an educational program that prepares all students.  The majority of our students enroll in college after graduation, but we also have students who plan to start their careers after high school.  We have designed our curriculum to meet our students’ needs whichever path they decide to pursue.  Many of our junior and seniors elect to be enrolled in concurrent credit classes.  They receive both high school and college credit for courses in English and math that are offered on our campus, and they can also enroll in courses from area colleges.  Juniors and seniors may also choose to enroll in vocational courses at South Arkansas Community College.  Each day we provide transportation to that campus.    

          Our students have a variety of clubs and organizations they can become involved in depending on their interests.  We also encourage our students to be members of our athletic programs.  Our athletic teams include:  football, basketball, cheer, golf, tennis, cross country, track, softball, baseball and this year we will start a new E-sports team.  Our goal is to have all students involved in clubs and teams.

          Our theater program is also growing in popularity.  Each year our students display their talents by performing in various plays and skits in our new auditorium and in area venues. 

          Our band program is also expanding.  This year we purchased new instruments for our sixth grade band, and we look forward to seeing them perform soon.  We also anticipate our band members competing very well in area and state competitions.

          Each day our teachers meet in Professional Learning Communities (PLC) to review and to plan their curriculum.  Our focus is on curriculum frameworks that define what is taught in each class. In our PLC we set goals for our students in each course.  Each class is aligned to the curriculum frameworks and common assessments are designed to measure student achievement.  The interventionists will provide additional instruction in small groups or for individual students needing extra help.

          Parkers Chapel School has a tradition of providing an outstanding education for all students.  Our facilities provide a secure and comfortable setting for our students, and we have an excellent faculty and staff.  The Parkers Chapel community is supportive and welcoming.  Our community is built around our school and our churches.  There are several industrial plants in our district including LANXESS, Resolute, TETRA and Roseburg. 

          Choosing a school for your children is one of the most important decisions that a family has to make.  As you make that choice, please consider the Parkers Chapel School District. Please call (870)862-4641 to schedule a school tour.

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