FAQ About Blended Learning

Is the district still planning to begin school on August 24?

  • Yes. The district still plans to observe the regular school calendar.
  • Students who choose the PC Online option will also observe the same school calendar.

Is the district considering a schedule where students report to campus on alternating days or half days?

  • No. There are no plans to schedule alternating days or half days for students.

What is the difference between Online Learning and Onsite Learning? 

  • Online Learning
    • The PC Online Option is a K-12 online school option where students can learn remotely full-time while also having access to our curriculum, teachers, intervention, and support. Students will receive the same level of education they would receive on campus and will also have the opportunity to be involved in PC extracurricular activities and events.
    • The new online will consist of the student “zooming” into their onsite classes. This could involve “zooming” in and out of different classes. They will Interact with their teachers and be held responsible for the same work that the onsite students will be asked to do. All timelines will be followed. 
    • Families who choose the Online option will not be able to switch to the Onsite option, until the completion of the Nine Weeks period. This will help us plan for transportation, dining services, and spacing in the classrooms.
  • Onsite Learning
    • Students will report to campus to learn, but both teachers and students will be prepared for remote learning if needed due to illness or inclement weather.

Is PC Online the right choice for my child?

  • Online learning can be more difficult for some students. Families must strongly consider the following characteristics that lead to a successful virtual school experience for students.
    • Self-motivated
    • Independent Learner
    • Computer Literate
    • Time Management Skills
    • Effective Communicator
    • Personal Commitment
    • Academic Readiness
    • Technologically Prepared
    • Strong Parent Support/Involvement

If my child commits to the PC Online option, can he/she switch to the Onsite option?

  • Families who choose the PC Online option will not be able to switch to the Onsite option until the next Nine Week period. This allows us to plan for transportation, food services, and spacing in the classroom.

If my child commits to the Onsite option, can he/she switch to the Online option?

  • If your child is sick or quarantined and needs to stay home, the digital learning management system would allow access to Online instruction and assignments from home so your child could stay on pace with his/her classmates. This flexibility would eliminate the need to switch to the PC Online for most cases. However, we realize there may be circumstances in which the switch is still necessary.
  • Changes would be approved on a case by case basis by district administration and would be a temporary option.

Is there a charge for the PC Online?

  • No.

Do I have to provide my own computer for Online learning next year?

  • No. All students in the Parkers Chapel School District will receive a district-issued Chromebook.

How do I enroll in the PC Online option?

  • We have not yet opened enrollment for the PC Online. However, we need all families to let us know whether they intend to enroll their students in this virtual option by completing the registration for their student found at tiny.cc/pcregistration by July 24th.

Will I be allowed to have lunch at school with my child?

  • No. In order to maintain proper spacing, we are limiting the number of people who can be in the lunchroom and classrooms. Parent and guardian visits to school will be limited to essential activities.

Will face coverings be mandatory?

  • Face coverings will be required to be worn correctly by adults and students (K-12) unless exempted with a doctor’s note, when in the building and travelling to classrooms or cafeteria. Parents are responsible for securing Face coverings for their child. 
  • It is recommended that each child have at least three cloth face coverings so that they can be washed and rotated. The Superintendent will monitor the CDC and the ADH for recommendations and could remove this requirement in the future.

How will children socially distance in their classrooms?

  • In accordance with Arkansas Department of Health directives, efforts will be made to limit close contact between students. We will limit contact through the following actions:
    • Arrange classrooms and other areas to maximize spacing between students and teacher to the extent possible.
    • Stagger seating in the Cafeteria during lunch periods.

Will students be allowed to use the restrooms on campus??

  • Yes, but we will control the number of students in a restroom at any given time. Students will be urged to follow CDC guidelines about washing hands often.

What will school athletics, plays, concerts and performances look like in the fall?

  • Large group gatherings will be limited. The Arkansas Activities Association will release guidance for all AAA activities.

Will my child still receive support services like speech and mental health services in the SSD Virtual Academy?

  • Yes.

If staff and students are required to wear masks, how will they learn phonics?

  • A clear plexiglass shield will be used when teaching phonics so students can see the teacher’s face.

Will clubs, athletics and extracurricular activities continue for virtual students?

  • Students fourth through twelfth grades will be able to participate in athletics, clubs and extracurricular activities on campus.

Will there be bottle filling stations for the refilling of water bottles during the day?

  • We have very limited bottle filling stations. You will need to send water bottles filled for the day. In emergency situations, your child may refill his/her bottle.

Will students on school buses be required to wear a mask ?

  • Yes. All students (K-12) will be required to wear a face covering at all times while on the bus since the bus is a confined area where physical distancing is not feasible. There may be exceptions for students with health, sensory, or other conditions. This will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. A child will NOT be allowed to ride school transportation without the use of a mask.

Will students in the PC Online still have to take standardized assessments given by the District?

  • Yes, all students in the PC Online must complete all standardized assessments given by the District. They will be required to come to the campus to take the exam due to security issues. Contact your Principal for explanation of the process.

Will the PC Online be like the digital learning we had in the spring where the kids can work on the school work at night and on weekends?

  • No. The PC Online WILL be different from the digital learning we provided in the spring. Students will log onto the learning management system where they will have access to their classes. Secondary students will be required to log in and out of classes, according to their schedule of classes. The Online student follows the same school day as the Onsite students.

What will be the protocol if a student is found with fever on campus?

  • The school nurse will verify the fever and follow discretionary procedures for sending student home. If a child is deemed to have COVID symptoms, the student will be sent home and not allowed to return until ten (10) days of no symptoms and at least seventy-two (72) hours of fever free OR a negative result on a COVID test and had not been exposed. If a student is tested for Covid-19, they will not be allowed to return to the campus until the negative result is provided to the school.

What will be the protocol if a student or a student’s family member tests positive for COVID-19?

  • If we receive a report that a student or student’s family member has tested positive for COVID-19, we will immediately report the positive case to the Arkansas Department of Health. At that time, ADH will advise the district on what actions AND communication must take place to contain the illness. 

What happens if we have school closures again?

  • If schools are forced to close again, a plan for at-home digital learning has been developed. This plan will include lessons directed from the student’s teachers. Students will be held accountable for their assignments and work will be graded and expected to be turned in to their child’s teacher according to the teacher’s timeline. This will be different from the approach used last spring.